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Art&Seek on Think TV: Fort Worth Symphony's Miguel Harth-Bedoya

by Jerome Weeks 16 Nov 2009

Inspired by cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s popular Silk Road recordings, Fort Worth Symphony music director Miguel Harth-Bedoya has begun a series of concerts and CDs, Caminos del Inka — “Trails of the Incas.” They showcase three centuries of orchestral music from the Pacific Coast South American countries once part of the Incan Empire. The FWSO brings the project back for concerts in Bass Hall this week — after talking to us on Think.


[flashvideo filename=rtmp://kera-flash.streamguys.us:80/jwplayer&id=video/artandseek/2009/091113_think_330_artandseek width=470 height=263 displayheight=263 image=wp-content/uploads/2009/10/bedoya.jpg /]

A native of Peru, Fort Worth Symphony music director Miguel Harth-Bedoya has found a way to preserve and showcase the orchestral music of his country — and the other Latin American countries that were once part of the Incan Empire. He has started a series of concerts and recordings called Caminos del Inka — “Trails of the Incans.” It features three centuries of music — from dance numbers written down by an 18th century Spanish cleric to Enrique Iturrigia’s homage to Igor Stravinsky and contemporary Peruvian composers. The first CD was released earlier this year, titled Inti, the name of the sun in Quechua, the language of the Incans.

Harth-Bedoya has brought his multi-media presentation to other cities, including Chicago. But he returns to Bass Hall this weekend with the FWSO and a concert version.

  • Where can I find the CD Caminos del Inca of Miguel Hart-Bedoya? Also information about his concerts from Nov 20-22>

  • In the post above, click on the title, INTI, and that link will take you to the Fort Worth Symphony store website where you can purchase the first CD. On that same website, in the lefthand column, there’s a line for “Upcoming Concerts” and if you click on that, it will lead you to info about this weekend’s performances. For more information on the entire project, click on the title, Caminos del Inka, in the post above and that link will take you to the home site, with videos, information about the ensemble, etc. Enjoy.

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