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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 20 Jul 2011 7:53 AM

Today in the roundup: Theatre Three visits Japan, a call to local artists and literally the most commonly misused word.


GO SEE IT: Theatre Three is taking a trip to Japan for its current show. In See What I Wanna See, Michael John LaChiusa takes three Japanese short stories and works them into a musical set in New York. The effect has the critics happy. “See What I Wanna See finally bears a surprisingly positive message, although there is plenty to offend the squeamish along the way,” Lawson Taitte writes on dallasnews.com. “If you’re not in that category, you wanna see it.” Martha Heimberg was also impressed. “Gorgeous songs, strong performances and dramatic staging overcome the sometimes overly complicated structure of this operatic-style musical,” she writes on theaterjones.com. M. Lance Lusk was a little more lukewarm, calling it, “uneven, yet sprightly,” on Front Row. Catch it through Aug. 14.

CALL TO ARTISTS: On Tuesday, the City of Dallas sent out a call to artists looking for a sculpture to commemorate White Rock Lake’s 100th birthday. Before you break out the Play-Doh to start working things out, there are a few qualifications and requirements you should know about. If you’re still interested after reading those over, get your submission in by Sept. 7.

WORD TO THE WISE: Know what the most misused word in the language is? You’ve probably misused it literally a billion times.