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Anne Bothwell

Anne Bothwell is Vice President Arts at KERA. She leads the Art&Seek team and oversees arts coverage on ArtandSeek.org and for the KERA FM news team. She’s also responsible for the Art&Seek calendar and The Big Deal. And she works closely with Dane Walters on videos for Art&Seek and KXT FM.

Anne’s been in arts journalism for more than 20 years. She was music editor at “The Dallas Morning News” before she joined KERA. She’s passionate about encouraging you to go to the opera, draw or dance with your kids, or check out a gallery or theater because she believes art can change your life.

When she’s not editing blog posts and radio stories or attending arts events, you can find her hanging out in her Oak Cliff neighborhood.  Others on the Art&Seek team may tell you she overuses the words “interesting” and “exciting.”

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